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Our Core Products

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Venture Portfolio

A highly diversified and bespoke discretionary managed portfolio of approximately 10-15 venture opportunities. Each investment is identified on the basis that it has the potential to return at least 10 times the capital invested.

Investment Period: ~12 months
Minimum Investment: £25k


An opportunity to invest on a single deal basis. The majority of our deal-by-deal investments are follow-on investments into our existing portfolio companies that are are experiencing significant commercial success. Client's may also choose to 'top up' their venture portfolio investment in opportunities that particularly appeal to them.

Investment Opportunities: 1-5 per month
Minimum Investment: £10k

RAW Mortgage Fund

The RAW Mortgage Fund, operated by our sister business RAW Capital Partners, has a proven track record of delivering consistently strong performance. Additionally, it has experienced favourable effects from rising interest rates and is projected to generate returns of up to 8.75% (depending on the chosen share class) over the next 12 months.

Dealing Dates: Monthly and Quarterly (depending on share class)
Minimum Investment: £10k

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Why 1818?


Founded by entrepreneurs

Our team and network consists of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, enabling us to possess a deep understanding of nurturing and expanding early-stage companies.


Alignment with investors

1818 personally invest in every single investment opportunity offered to our investor base (and on the exact same investment terms), ensuring alignment and confidence in our selection process.


Unparalleled investment standards

Our process allows us to meet with over 1000 Founders a year, yet we only typically invest in 10-15 new businesses per year, thus our bar for investment is extremely high.


Empowering diverse founders

Our focus lies on supporting underrepresented founders and businesses with a positive social purpose. We believe that purpose-driven founders are more engaged and motivated and are therefore more likely to succeed compared to purely profit-focused ones.


Competitive fee structure

Our fees are simple, highly competitive, and we do not charge an annual management fee. Instead, we charge a one-time 5% fee upon entry, which covers the life of the discretionary managed account. A typical fund would charge 2% per annum over the 10-year life of the fund.


Exposure to 'winners'

Our venture portfolios exhibit a high level of diversity. They provide exposure to both promising new investments and what we believe are existing 'winners' (1818 portfolio companies that are experiencing exceptional growth). This helps establish a well-balanced risk profile and a diverse range of investment exposure.

Our Investment Focus

We aim to back the next wave of founders building the tools and platforms that facilitate the shift from analogue to digital practices

Fintech & Financial Inclusion

Solutions which increase financial inclusion and access

Future of Learning & Development

Improving learning experiences for students, business, health, and educational use
iPhone mockup

Net Zero & Green Mobility

Digital applications which help eliminate or reduce carbon emissions and solutions to boost climate action

Future of Work

Platforms which help increase efficiencies within the workplace and improve remote working opportunities

Health & Wellness

Using technical innovations to improve healthcare outcomes and individual well-being

1. Client Onboarding

As part of the onboarding process, we kindly request that you complete our onboarding forms. These include the 1818 Client Application Form, which entails Client Due Diligence (KYC) information, as well as the Investment Management Agreement (IMA). Additionally, our internal review and final sign-off by a 1818 Director are necessary steps to proceed.

2. Funds Transfer to 1818 Client Account

To proceed with your investment, we kindly request a funds transfer to our designated 1818 Client Account. Depending on your preferences, we will allocate your investment into either the 1818 Portfolio or the RAW Mortgage Fund (1818's sister business). This allocation will be based on your chosen investment option.

3. Invest!

Once we have made your investment(s), it will be registered under the name of RAW Nominees Limited on UK Companies House (or the equivalent regulatory body depending on the jurisdiction).

4. Live Client Reporting

You will be able to access and view your investments in real-time, 24/7, through our client portal, Delio.

Delio offers features such as live portfolio positions (including current valuation and uninvested cash), upcoming investment opportunities, contract notes, fee receipts, and updates on 1818 news and events.

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