Investment Criteria

1818 Venture Capital plans to invest in at least 20 businesses every year.

We have a fully quantified investment process with the following criteria:


  • Founder and Team Quality

  • Strength of business and business plan

  • Quantified bias to underrepresented founders

  • Quantified bias to businesses with positive social impact

  • Quality of other investors


  • UK digital tech business, ideally EIS and/or SEIS eligible

  • Pre-Seed to Series A


Investment Process

1818 Venture Capital's investment process is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible, so we can invest exceptionally and founders can receive fast decisions. We understand fundraising can be incredibly time-consuming for founders and aim to be respectful of that. Our process enables us to move very quickly and efficiently when necessary.

1818 Venture Capital has the following stages to its fully quantified investment process:

  • Schedule a short pitch with one of our Partners using the Schedule a Pitch page

  • Answer three short video questions before we meet. You will receive an email with details once you have scheduled a pitch

  • Attend the scheduled Ten-Minute Pitch

  • Answer a list of written questions

  • A Partner call

  • Other meetings and questions as required

  • Investment committee with Quantified scores against each criteria. This aims to reach an Invest in Principle decision

  • Technical due diligence and review of investment documentation

  • Final investment committee. This investment committee is to ensure the information given at Invest in Principle decision is still accurate and to ensure we are comfortable with the technical due diligence and investment documentation

  • Invest!


​1818 Venture Capital is proud to invest in portfolios of tech startups that aim to generate wealth for our investors and do good in the world, each in their own way. 

Early-stage venture capital investments are high risk and you should only invest if you understand your capital is at risk.

Venture capital investments are only suitable for Professional Investors.*

Minimum investment £25k.