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Investment Process

1818 Venture Capital's investment process is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible, so we can invest exceptionally, and founders can receive fast decisions. We understand fundraising can be incredibly time-consuming for founders and aim to be respectful of that. Our process enables us to move very quickly and efficiently when necessary.

1818 Venture Capital has the following stages to its fully quantified investment process:

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1. TMP booking: Schedule a Ten-Minute Pitch (TMP) with us using the Schedule a Pitch page.

2. Willo responses: You will be asked to answer three short video questions before we meet via Willo (of of our portfolio company's). You will receive an email with details once you have scheduled a pitch. These Willo videos are reviewed before each TMP and are shared with the entire Investment Team.

3. TMP held though Zoom: A member of our Investment Team will meet you via a Zoom call, where you will be able to give us your best Ten-Minute Pitch. Our Investment Team holds a daily triage of all new TMPs as our first level filter. We will respond by the following Monday with a pass or an invitation to continue the process.

4. Q&A: If you progress to the next stage, we will issue you with a detailed questionnaire searching for vital and focussed written responses to a standardised set out questions. The responses are triaged as soon as they come in and we aim to respond the day after we have reviewed them. A positive response from the Investment Team leads to the next phase.

5. Partner Call: This is an in depth recorded call with one of our partners and a member of the Investment Team, who will rigorously quiz your founding team to assess the strength of your proposition. Each Partner Call is recorded such that it can be shared with the rest of the team.

6. Commitment in principle: This is the final stage, where we communicate that we are willing to invest. This is subject to satisfactory due diligence, the completion of the fund raising round by the target, and legal documentation.

If an investment fails to meet our high standards at any point in the process, we will quickly inform the founding team that we are not proceeding and provide detailed feedback.

We look forward to meeting you!

​1818 Venture Capital is proud to invest in portfolios of tech startups that aim to generate wealth for our investors and do good in the world, each in their own way. 

Early-stage venture capital investments are high risk and you should only invest if you understand your capital is at risk.

Venture capital investments are only suitable for Professional Investors.*

Minimum investment £25k.

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